Welcome to We Are In Beta

We - school leaders and teachers - Are In Beta - always learning.

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Who is it for?

This is the place for us. The teachers. The leaders. The always-learning.

It’s a place for us to meet and connect, to support and advise, to grow and improve - ourselves and others.

Whether you’re looking for new ways of getting students to engage, staff to stay, parents to participate, governing bodies to buy in, money to go further...

...if you’re looking for your community, this is the place for you. This is the place for us.

What is it?

We Are In Beta is a network of teachers and leaders learning from each other and growing together.

Virtually any problem your school might be facing has been tackled by another school. Here you can find the solutions you seek, or reach out to others who have solved a similar challenge.

This is a collaborative community and safe space for you to find and connect with fellow leaders such as yourself.

This is a solution-focused destination for you to find the help you need to meet your goals. This is a living library for you to find the resources and opportunities you seek, as well as to share your own.

What’s inside?

This is also the best place to find best practices, collected from headteachers at their best.

Here you will hear their inspiring stories and their tips for your own success. You can also reach an audience of leaders who invest in their future (as well as post unlimited job offers).

We’re also here for you. Want to know where to find a template to report to a governing body? Need a recommendation for good training for safeguarding? Looking for a school with a new no-marking policy? Thinking of renegotiating your photocopying contract and wondering what it should cost? Our support team is on call to find it for you.

Why are we here?

We are a community for people like you; the outward looking, forward thinking, always learning.

We believe there is a huge amount to be positive about in education, despite the negative headlines. So we give schools a voice and a platform to share it.

We believe the solutions to growth are within our schools already. So we unlock them and share them at scale to ensure the next generation’s potential is limitless.

We believe in the power of community. So we are building a community of schools, leaders and teachers who learn from each other to reimagine education.